Waypoints and fixes in Canada

I have noticed that a lot of fixes and waypoints are one not correctly written or two simply not existant at all. It would be cool if I could use real life fixes to do a flight plan.


The Airport Editing Team is slowly but surely working on Navigation updates and issues… We are aware that a lot of the world isn’t currently up to date and the team is working as hard as they can to perfect the navigation in Infinite Flight!

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In addition,

The airport editing team is aware of this, and is working hard to input every waypoint posible. In the meantime check out this website to lookup the real world waypoint and input it’s coordinations into IF.

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Ok, thanks. It’s because I was trying to create a flight plan using real world NAV maps and the fixes didn’t show up. It felt weirder when I did a flight plane in the USA and all the fixes showed up.

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