Waypoint/VOR bug

I recently found a bug with the navigation system I tried to select a VOR in my flight plan, and it disappeared after tapping on it. I believe the issue is another fix with the same name. Not totally sure about that though.

Here is the link to the video https://youtu.be/jf-S1ZE7SWo

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I have never had that before, have you got the latest update on IF?

Does it happen on every VOR?

It can just be a minor bug.

Wilmington VOR is a VORTAC (combination of a VOR and a TACAN). TACANs, VORTACs and DMEs are indeed properly loaded onto the simulator (due to some being needed for certain procedures), but they aren’t rendered on the map at this time. The only way you will see it is if you search for it. For one of the next updates, the infinite Flight Team will work on rendering TACANs, VORTACs and DMEs efficiently (without cluttering the map too much). Hope you’re enjoying the update! :)

Read about a VORTAC:

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If you watch the video I did just that

Yup. That’s by design for the time being. It’s so they don’t clutter the map up right now. As soon as you tap off of it, it will disappear off your screen until it’s searched for again.

Cameron and the rest of the Staff Team working on the Navigation aspect of Infinite Flight are looking for ways of rendering them correctly for a future update.

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