Waypoint Visibility

When I decide to make my own flight plan, I need to zoom into my waypoints pretty far to see them and it can be annoying. So what I thought would be a useful addition to the game would be customizing or decreasing how far you have to zoom in to see FIXes. VORs are fine in the recent update. I think that it would be very useful to help create a better flight plan and not take 10 minutes to set a flight plan on a 10 hour flight :)

Or, you can use fpltoif.com which generates the flight plan for you. All you have to do is copy it and paste it into the bar on the map. Takes 10 seconds.

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Simbrief is also another great companion for filing a realistic FPL very quickly. That is what FPLtoIF uses as well

I’d actually love this. Although Navigraph has basically the entire database for every waypoint in the sky, it’s also available in demo mode, meaning you don’t need to pay (for the charts, you do) and gives you airways that show in which course you should probably go in for realism.


And what if you want to make the FPL yourself? I actually support this idea but in certain areas where there are clusters of waypoints it can be hard to select a waypoint in that cluster.


I do use those websites, but when I wanna make my own when wind patterns are different or I’m following a flight then I’ll make my own.

There’s so many resources to creating flight plans this hasn’t been an issue for me since global released.