Waypoint Quick Search

I also aprove this idea. Very annoying to search for a specific waypoint within the app when the map is quite compressed. Search function should be able to find all points including VORs etc. If the search find the way point you should be able to focus on it, add that way point to your FLP or as “start point/first point”

Add a search icon.
->Press it, you can then write free search words.
->write name of a way point, ex kitty.
-> if kitty found, 3 icons appear below the name, (focus, add way point, or first “start point”

Also include possibility to save a specific route. So you could load it at another time.

In live you could also decide to share it. So other people can load others routs and of course you could add a user rating system to it.

I would also like to have the possibility to add a specific target altitude for every waypoint, convenient for approaching airport after navcharts, altitude for selected waypoint can be seen in the status window below the screen where yo can define what you would like to see or above current alt on the HUD. Possibility to then also “uppgrade” auto pilot to also have the LNAV function (VNAV would be great also) as the map system would then work as a simplified FMS. To reduce “AFK” pilot’s there should also be a timer within the app so if no interaction has been made after a spec time he will be disconnected from the server.


I have a huge hassle trying to find certain waypoints and VORs to make realistic flight plans. I really hope this is added considering global flight is coming soon. :)


I’m quite confident that a feature like this one will be rolled out with global. Plus, fingers crossed for an update on the NavData.

MaxSez: Good Point, But why do all the work. I view FDS as IF’s Corporate Hq. Let them Establish a “Dispatch” section for the Trash Haulers and merge it with ATC…
(Real Major Line ATP’s don’t Route Plan, just ask the Union, LOL.)

This could be incorportated into my idea for exporting a new detailed flight planning experience to the IF website, where one could plan their flights ahead of time and have them populate into the app once you login to your account on the app.

Really nice idea. This will come in handy for global!


i hope this happens for global
would cut down my flight planning time by 80%

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Awesome idea! I’d use the flight plan from FlightAware & re-create an actual flight. This would really come in handy.

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I’d love to see this implemented in the global update, considering that we will set longer flight plans.

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I was about say we also need the ability to search for airports, but I remembered Laura is adding that with global :)


I agree this would be a great feature. I was looking at the KSAN STARS today and comparing them with the IF flight planner and it was hard work.

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Just bringing this up again. Search VOR and Waypoints In-app.


In-app, sometimes we play IF without any computer nearby

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If you check the latest post of IFs Instagram page you’ll see something that could be WPT quick search

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Yes, we need this! Especially for the pilots who follow SID’s, STAR’s, and real flight plans.


Isn’t this confirmed now?

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No one said nothing about any type of quick search. (I mean Devs)

I believe airport quick search is only confirmed.

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Oh well but its pretty much confirmed. What else could it be? Search whale migration pattern?

Hopefully, that search bar can also be used for fixes / VORs / airways. Can’t imagine filing a plan manually between, for example, KLAX and VHHH.

*KEWR and VHHH would be worse