Waypoint Quick Search

Perhaps this has been discussed before, anyways, I consider that having the ability to search specific waypoints on the map would be a huge plus while route planning. What do you think guys?


Great idea. Also add the ability to search for VORs.


Airports are one thing, but how would you memorize and search for waypoints? I´d suggest adding some sort of thing that would give you the most efficient waypoint use based on the altitude you want, while giving you enough space to reach the ILS heading.


Good point, but still a good idea. :)


There are some tools online such as RouteFinder that provide a particular waypoint routing between two airports.


I searched for a KLAX-KSAN route, “KLAX-SID-SXC-STAR-KSAN” this is what I got with a distance of 107NM.


Hard to select them when they’re annoyingly small. I support this.


It’s true that you can look up routes online but I’d definitely support this idea. Don’t believe pilots in the real world have to select their own waypoints so why should we? However I could see some grey area when it comes to flying the GAs. I think this sort of thing needs more attention.

This should be implemented with the old system

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I found the same route when I searched for KLAX-KSAN :)

@Lin_Yifan This would be a nice feature and would prove helpful, especially for people who want to be more professional and realistic.


Maybe because flying with our chosen waypoints gives us more freedom?

107NM represents an improvement over my 250+NM that I used the last time when doing KLAX-KSAN.


That sound a good idea

I’m all in. Great idea.

Just some clarification…

  • You would like a way to find the waypoints if you already know the name?
  • Would you like it if you could just type in the waypoint names and it adds them to your FPL?
  • Would it be ok if you could do this via an application on your computer or do you just want this to be an in-app feature?

This would be really helpful when using www.infiniteflightroutes.co.uk !

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Indeed, much more once we are able to fly longer routes

I agree about the waypoints text being somewhat small. By necessity I’m sure, but have you noticed that when you zoom in, the text remains the same size? I almost wish it would enlarge on zoom, but, again, most likely by necessity. The screen would be very cluttered otherwise. Maybe a “Zoom WP Text” feature?

Searching WP’s would be great. Similar to other apps, it could simply center the screen on the waypoint searched for.

A downside is that some of my favorite SID/STAR waypoints aren’t in the IF region so a search would come up blank. An easterly departure from KFLL on DEAKK4 comes to mind…

My bad… Meant to say THNDR4 departure. The two most eastern waypoints of the departure are out of the Southern Florida region. I just pick two WPs that are further west within the region and go with that.


This would be very good to have for Global Flight