Waypoint problem

On here ther are some GPS coordinate waypoints that are missing for example 48e80 and 49n70. This problem was there prior to 20.1. Is there a fix for this

Waypoints like this are coordinates, which are used IRL for long hauls over oceans when tracks aren’t in use

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That does not help…

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And I’ve linked it with a flight plan already

Waypoints like this could only be inputed when you input flightplan via the search box in map mode and are not shown on it because you’re literally importing coordinates into the app and showing them will clutter the map.
You can read about them in this tutorial:

Yes I’ve seen that and tried with no luck

I’m not sure if I understand your Problem correctly.
Those Coordinates are Waypoints which are missing in IF. When you copy this fpl and Insert it on IF the coordinates will be where the waypoint should be, so you don’t get a straight line.

Oh, wait, I misunderstood your problem.
I’ve just tested it and 48E80 and 49N70 indeed don’t show up in the flightplan when you input them

Basically a couple of those way points the ones I mentioned earlier aren’t showing up in my flight plan when I input them. And I had this problem also last week when I went from KSFO to PGUM a lot of the GPS coordinates were not in IF.

oh okay I see. have you done the fpl with Simbrief over the official site? using the .xml file and convert it with the link over fpltoif? might try this way

That’s how I do all the flight plans

Okay, I think I know what’s the problem. The “coordinates” that work like 42E60 are actually fixes and are not a IF-recognizable way of inputing coordinates. The problem is probably that Simbrief thinks these waypoints exist when they actually don’t

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I had few problems with those too but it’s all fine!

Not necessarily true because I just did the gps coordinate 4960n and that comes up but the coordinate 4961n doesn’t show and prior to 20.1 (I believe) hose would show up

Same problem - there is a fix called 4960N, but there is no fix named 4961N

And that’s essentially what happens with allot of the waypoints over the pacific

well, the only thing you can do is join IFAET as navigation data editor and add them yourself (if they exist IRL, can’t confirm)

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Actually, the navigation data is based on the NAVBLUE database we use now.
There’s been some talks about this though, but it’s not something i have actively worked on.

I’ll check with the ones that have.


Ok thank you can close and if possible could you provide us with what they said?

I suggest you to delete those coordinates and write the name of the waypoint instead of it. The problem is in the FPLNTOIF website not the navigation database of the simulator itself… Try it out it will work…