Waypoint issue

Hello, IFC, I am doing a group flight with some VA pilots, and they copied my flight plan. And there’s apparently another DME that’s the same and it has my buddies going somewhere else… I’ll post screenshots of what i mean…
That’s the original FLP

And this is my buddies FLP… But they copied mine

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This is likely due to several waypoints having the same names.


I am that buddy~
I have intentionally copied @Alphadog4646’s flight plan again earlier before the turn to ensure that the flight plan is fully updated.
So there should be something wrong with the copying flight plan system, whatever it is called.

I understand that, but why would it changed the whole plan? that’s what doesn’t make sense to me, as why it does that…

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There are multiple waypoints with the same name.

But that is a direct copy from someone flight plan though…

If it works on another pilot, it should do on the others too…

Already said. But why does it go to the completely wrong one? Is this a known issue when they added the DME?

I’m not sure. I have never seen this before.

This issue might have to brought up to the staff members if this is an issue we can’t fix for now…

While we play the waiting game for a mod or staff lol

Did you delete your previous flight plan before copying the new one?

Does removing the previous already existing flight plan make a difference when you copy a new one?

No, I don’t believe it does. I’ve copied a flight plan, then it got updated, then I copied again and it was updated correctly when I re-copied.

Exactly, I re-copied it, but it still shows the incorrect flight plan…

There’s many examples of multiple waypoints or DMEs or VORs sharing a name. It has to choose one of them. In theory, yes, it should choose the one which makes the most sense for your flight plan, but it’s not choosing the “wrong” waypoint, there’s just more than one (below is just a random example):


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Ah okay, thanks tim. Helpful as always:) Hopefully its something that gets fixed cause if someone isn’t paying attention when they copy a FLP they can be in for a treat when they wake up

@Tim_B what app is that, I have been trying to find it everywhere.

Edit: I found it, it’s foreflight

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Move to PM not related to the thread:)

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