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I’ve been using Live for some time now but when flying long haul, it sometimes requires me to put it (remote) waypoints such as 6770N or 68N070W.

Does anyone know how you correctly program them in? (like how to type it into the search bar to get the correct waypoint)

I’ve tried 67N70, 67W70, 6770N etc… nothing seems to work

(I understand not all waypoints are currently in IF but any help would be greatly appreciated)


Do you use SimBrief for your routes?

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This should help you inputting GPS coordinates into IF, How to Input GPS Coordinates to your FPL


If you use FPLtoif then you can copy and paste your FPL into the search bare and 90% of the time it’s gives you a good fpl. You can also use IFAssistant for the stepclimbs it plans for you.

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These waypoints confuse the living aviation out of me and especially the navigation also. So I fly straight out no way points and random landings as I go. And now I’m two landings away from grade3.

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From the link provided above:

If you know the coordinates you want to use, you’ll have to input them as part of a full pasted flight plan. You cannot search for them, and they won’t appear as waypoints on the map (because they’re not waypoints).

The only exceptions are those waypoints which fall on round longitudinal and latitudinal numbers, like 60 N, 20 W over the Atlantic:

These take some playing around with, but they’re on the map, so you can search for them.

For example, 60N20W would be found using 6020N in the search bar, while 60N20 will give you 60N, 120W. 60W20 gives 60 S, 120 W.

While these waypoints can be found, they’re really only useful for transoceanic flights which use them as a matter of course. For general flight plan creation, the system in the table up top is the way to go. That’s the only way to get specific GPS coordinates that don’t happen to fall on a whole number both longitudinally and latitudinally.


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