Way to thank Approach before automatic hand off.

I’d very much like to say thanks to Approach, after sequencing everyone for a long time to get the flow of aircraft just right for Tower to receive.
Since the default automatic hand off from Approach to Towers is so close to final, it leaves no room and time to say thanks.
Could a friendlier way be created?
I’d like that.


Most of you guys say “Thank you, …” and immediately change to tower/Unicom. I cant say “you’re welcome”. It hurts my heart a lot.


Now you’re talking about Ground, aren’t you @dush19?
I ALWAYS say thanks and also ALWAYS wait for a response. That response doesn’t always come though. Even when it’s not busy.


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I said thank you and after switch to tower,always (dont know if they like)

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Me too! But depends a lot of them before said thank you and after give instruction to switch station…

I heard it, but was too busy. Sorry.
You’re Welcome! :)

I’m talking about Approach.

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I don’t always come around to answer you, but I try to. Sometimes it’s just easier for me to hand you off to Tower as soon as i cleared you for the ILS. reduces my workload.

I thanked you just now at EGBB. It took some extra time and since I was already on the ILS slope, I drifted a bit. Still glad I said thanks, although I had to get back on course again. ;)

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Put heading on while you say thank you!

I couldn’t. After getting handed off I had to turn about 25 degrees to get straight into the ILS slope. That was the only opportunity to say thanks. It’s a hassle, but I think it’s important.

Whilst it may be nice to say thank you it really doesn’t make for efficient ATC. Perhaps if you want to say thank you send a PM to the controller concerned on here after your flight, at least that way you can say something more than the stock phrases in IF.

Once you are handed off you should go to the other frequency and not really try and stay on to engage in further unnecessary chat with the controller.

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Maybe “Thank you. Good day!”, instead of just “Good day!” at the end of the hand off message.

While I am for it, it would be a complete use of comm space at busy times and comms gets backed up.

If you ever listen to live atc at JFK or any class C airports at busy times you won’t hear pilots say thanks.

At non busy time slots you say a quick thanks, or good day, and 90% the atc won’t reply back.

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