Way to reach top of post quickly

Is there a button to reach the top of a post quickly because some posts with over 2000 replies will be hard to reach the original post. Ex: evolution of global flight over 5000 replied


Click on the post counter and scroll all the way to the top with the slider


Or Hit that blue box that has a number over another number (in the bottom right corner) and then slide to the top)


Hi there! I see your new to the forums! I would definitely do what the others have suggested, and meanwhile, I would also have a look at this:


He’s TL2. Certainly not new. Please don’t assume he’s new just because he asks a question regarding how to use a feature


You can also click on the dates at the top and bottom of that blue scroll bar to go to the first and most recent posts in a thread.


To be fair I am fairly new because I just got member yesterday, but thank you for the help!


I press the “home” button on my computer.
Also, sometimes when I press on the infinite flight logo in the upper left hand corner on my smartphone.

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What blue box? Still trying to figure it out.

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This thing

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This one:

Sorry for the bad drawing xD

On computer on the right the blue bar click and hold that then drag to the top!

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Does it show up on a mobile phone? Cause I can’t find it anywhere.

Not on a mobile phone but it does for IPads. Currently typing this on a phone.

Look at my picture above. This was a screenshot from a mobile device.

I’m still struggling cause dont have it, like idk if I’m doing something wrong or something cause I don’t have it. Is there something I have to do for it to show up?

Take a screenshot of your screen and see if we can help

If you are on a mobile phone, you will not see it. The only devices you will see it on is a laptop, PC, or IPad.

There should be a blue box near the bottom of your screen?