Way to petition a report?

Hello All -

Is there a way to petition a report I just got on live? I got it for basically no reason and I would like a staff member to get in contact with me to resolve the issue.


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Check your logbook to see who reported you, then PM them here

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Go on your log book and it will say 1 report and click on that. The atc should put a reason and if not try contacting the controller who reported you.

So they did - and it says spamming freq. I didn’t think I was spamming freq but I had been holding for 10 minutes but to no avail to get into the airport. Best way to contact him is to PM him?

You can find the controller here, just tap/click on the name and it’ll bring you to their profile. From there you press message and explain the situation politely

Will do. Thanks Much!

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