Way to fix iPhone X lagging and heating up

I remember when I was playing this game using iPhone 7, it has no issue playing it under highest settings. However, after I switched to iPhone X, I noticed my phone would heat up very quick and the game started to become lag. Recently, I found out by turning on Low Power Mode, my phone actually won’t heat up so quick and I can play the game with highest settings again! I would love to know if this is working for you guys!

Lower your brightness and graphics quality, as well as ensure that you have limit frame rate on.
Please search before posting :)

How awful that the IPhone X is having troubles and the IPhone 7 isn’t… surely it should be the opposite way round?!! I have the 7 and it runs IF flawlessly.


Put limit frame rate on aswell. That should help things out.

My X runs flawlessly. If yours is doing that, you may not have enough storage, or you may need to book an appointment with Apple to see what’s wrong.

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