Way to find specific aircraft

Hey everyone!

I might go spotting at KDEN tomorrow, and I wanted a way to know if there were any way to find special aircraft.

Specifically, I’m looking for something like:

  • 747
  • 757
  • 787

a330, a350

Is there a website to find arrivals aircraft spesific? Thanks!


Flight radar 24 shows the aircraft :)

Before I go spotting, I check the arrival boards on Flightradar24 for the airport I will be spotting at.

Another great website I use is https://jettip.net. This subscription-based service will automatically filter through the scheduled aircraft movements for an airport and point out the “special” movements. Here’s an example from KBOS yesterday:

The screenshot above depicts special aircraft movements at KBOS, with the “AvGeek” movements being highlighted. I absolutely love JetTip, and I highly recommend it! It’s $5/month, FYI. Have fun spotting! :)


Between 11:30-12:30, the United 787 daily route to NRT and all the Hawaii flights depart. The flight to munich(A333) and Flight to Iceland takeoff at 4:10, and the London and Frankfurt flights on B744 takeoff at 5:20-5:30. There is also flights on the 787 that go to IAD, SFO, IAH, and LAX(might be a 777). The Norwegian 787 flight is only twice a week and it departed today so u wont see it tmw. Use flightradar24 when u spot tmw to know when and where the planes depart. The A350 doesnt do flight in Denver YET…

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You can choose a specific airline filter on fr24

My bad I miss understood the question lol

As mentioned above, I check FR24 before spotting. If you’re just gonna be watching a bunch of 737s coming and going it can get boring pretty quickly 😉.

By using FR24, I was able to spot at the right time to see a 747 and the extremely rare 727 freighter (only 6 left in the world)

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