Way to Cosford Spotting @ Zurich October 5, 2018

Hello again,
it’s not been long since I showed you my latest shots from Munich airport, my home base. This time my pics come from a different location, Zurich airport, and for a special occasion - FlightSim Show took place at Cosford, UK. Along with many other great people I didn’t want to let the chance to finally meet the FDS team forgo and decided to travel to the United Kingdom. I used this opportunity to finally fly via Zurich, something I wanted to do for a long time, back in the days my aim was to get on the Avro RJ100 “Jumbolino” now, finally, it became the Bombardier CSeries 100 (aka Airbus A220-100). The flight was truly fantastic with fantastic comfort and a great view of the Alps.
I purposely booked myself a 7 hour layover at Zurich airport to go spotting and to meet @Adrien (it was a short meeting but at least it worked ;) ) and @SunDown, who later accompanied me on my connecting Helvetic Airways E190LR flight to the best weekend I had in quite a while.

So let’s not wait any longer and have a look at the results of my “short” visit to Switzerland - What would be a better start than the aircraft type I love since I tried it on friday - the CSeries 100 (HB-JBB), taxiing in after arrival.

Swiss not only operates the 100 but also it’s bigger brother, the CSeries 300 (Say whatever you want, CSeries just sounds cooler than A220, and I’m saying that as an Airbus fan) - HB-JCH also arriving from its trip through Europe on the way to the remote stands at the south of the airport.

Of course Swiss not only operates within the boundaries of Europe but of course also on long haul routes with a fleet of A330s, A340s and B777s (more on that later). HB-JHK being towed to the gate for preparations for the next long haul adventure.

Next to the Swiss fleet I’ve never seen so many of I was also eagerly waiting for other airlines I usually don’t see in Munich. One of those planes was Hainan Airlines’ Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner. First being shocked by the heavy delay of 4 hours it arrived with that day, I ended up quite happy since that delay allowed me a great shot of B-2729 shortly after arrival.

While we have regular service of Bulgarian Air Charter with A320s and MD82s at Munich, the sight of Bulgaria Air’s A320 was new to me as well, LZ-FBE can be seen right after pushback was completed for its trip back home.

Talking about rare sights, TF-FIV might be a usual sight for most being in Icelandair’s normal livery, but in fact I haven’t seen a “normal” Boeing 757-200 from Keflavik at Munich in quite a while - Throughout the summer the airline mostly sent us Boeing 767s and 757-300s, most of the time TF-ISX in the famous blue livery.

Let’s get back to Switzerland’s flag carrier - Swiss. With time running towards our departure to Birmingham, the departure times for many long hauls turned up. I didn’t have wet hair anymore but nevertheless I loved to see the A340-300 of Swiss departing on runway 16 with its four hair dryers. (Even with 4 “engines”, HB-JMI seemed to struggle to get off the ground without a tail strike)

The special runway configuration combined with the location of Zurich airport led to the introduction of rather interesting departure routes. Those allow you to see aircraft departing runway 16 to the Americas right overhead a few minutes after they takeoff in front of you. One of those departures was Edelweiss Air’s A330 HB-JHQ seen here in front of a beautiful clear sky.

To complete the long-haul fleet of Swiss here’s their Boeing 777-300 lifting off shortly past the runway intersection into the humid air which caused some nice effects in the huge (and loud) engines of this beast.

Combining a rare aircraft with the humid air of a clear noon brings us to the whale from Singapore. In my spotting selection, 9V-SKY marks the addition of the third A380 airline - Singapore Airlines.

I hope you liked this little trip to Switzerland as much as I did. I hope to see you back soon for another session with even more new airlines for me and with great people departing ;)

Also check out my twitter and Instagram for even more shots that would exceed the 10 image limit here.

See you!

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Wow, that A340 is struggling. Anyway good pics! 👍


Nice photos! I really like the Icelandair 757 with scimitars!

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Awesome shots! Really like that Swiss A340.

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Great shots! I may have stalked your flight progress to Zurich a little…

And after all the traveling you finally managed to meet me ;)


Great shots! That A340 was struggling a lot. Did it use the entire runway?

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Nah, it worked kinda well so it took off a few seconds after that shot, I actually only realized that apparent struggle when I went through the pictures later on :)


Hey, great shots! Love to see the A343 in action!

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Wow some very nice shots there bro! 👍👍👍

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Oof, that A340 is realllly close to a tailstrike…

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Awesome pictures! I’m glad we got to meet up, even though it was pretty short. :)

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Fantastic report with great pictures! Very well written

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Is it just me or every A340-300 you have seen take off seem to almost tail strike?
And great pics by the way;)

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Nice pictures! I must admit CSeries is a better name than A220, still nevertheless it’s a beautiful aircraft and loved it when I saw it display at Farnborough Airshow.

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Awesome pictures :D

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Amazing Photos @Moritz

Was a pleasure to meet you that day. really enjoyed it. well, the whole weekend that followed (beside of the Hotel but thats another story :P)

I hope we can enjoy Munich one time together :P


Oh yeah, it was a really amazing time with all those great people around! (I actually found out I’d only need to drive 2 hours to get to the german flight sim conference, really need to get FDS there 😏)

it`s a 4-5hr ride if you pick me up first :P

Nice photos! That Icelandair 757 look great! I’m going to Zurich next summer, and I’m definitely gonna spot there. That A343 is struggling. Reminds me of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDiKa4KGVFE

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Ehm yeah, sure haha I guess it’ll rather be something like 5 or 6