Way to connect a Joystick

I am currently thinking about buying a Joystick Logitech but my computer broke down, I have seen in different pages of internet that sell a cable (I do not know the name) that on one side has input for iOS and on the other a USB to connect the Joystick!
Someone if that cable works well? If you have no delay with the movements of the Joystick? Does someone use it?

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I’m confused. Are you asking how to connect a joystick to…what? Or something about a cable?

I want to buy this cable because my computer does not work and connect the Joystick directly to my iPad, which I do not know if that way it works wellScreenshot_20190716-133221~2

Hmm. Last time I heard, joysticks don’t get through that way.

Then the joysticks can only be connected via Live Flight? That is my question

I think so. Sry 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Well thank you very much!
I hope someone can solve this for me … I wish it could be used with that cable

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Just to clear up any confusion (as it seems there was no clear yes or no) of wether you can connect a joystick to an iOS device via only a cable, here’s the answer:


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