Way to be better at any runways?

Hi guys!

I want to get some ideas to be butter always on the runway :)

Any tips for?


Use the ILS glide slope, there is probably some tutorials on the forum. Ill try to find one

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Firstly, welcome to the community! It’s great to have you here.

I would strongly recommend you taking a read through this topic that I’ve linked below for you as it has all the takeoff and landing profiles for all the aircraft in Infinite Flight and is certainly a good place to start if you are wishing to improve your landings:

Let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns as all of us are always happy to help out.

Take care mate and go butter those landings! 🧈


To be quite honest, your best bet is hopping on the casual server or solo and just practicing close-circling patternwork, oh and keep an eye on these factors too:

  • Keep a good balance of weights and maintain a good centre of gravity i.e keep things balanced in the weights section.
  • Like others have said- use the ILS! It’s there to make landings a breeze.
  • when disengaging from APPR mode, make sure you are calibrated and trimmed out so you don’t see the purple line
  • Make sure your controls are given appropriate sensitivity factors and (if applicable) deadzones (but keep these small!)

And last but not least, perhaps the most obvious one- practice. Even after 3k or so hours in this sim I still mess up horrifically and yes, it’s sometimes infront of people I’d rather not 🤣


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