Way to avoid the Jet Stream

Good morning, I will be flying JFK to Helsinki , Is there a way to avoid the jetstream?

Good evening (UTC+8) U are advised to check windy.com and don’t forget to change the altitude setting to ur cruising altitude, so that you can plan ur fpl acc to the wind graph :) Good day!

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The jet stream will push you!

Why do you want to avoid the jetstream


You can use this website ⬇️ Oceanic Tracks - Flight Plan Database to help plan your next flight across the Atlantic.

This website shows you current and forecasted weather ➡️ https://www.perkins-aviation.ch/weather/NorthAtlantic.html

Here is a bit of information about these NAT Tracks: North Atlantic Tracks (NATs) are daily high altitude transatlantic routes between western Europe and the eastern coast of North-America, which provide consistent separation between aircraft. Daily updates for each direction allow for routing around weather systems and tracking of favourable tailwinds to improve efficiency.

Hopefully this helped :-)

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the tturbulence

There shouldn’t be much turbulence from a tailwind…
If you want to avoid it though go to windy and navigate around them

IRL planes will use the jetstream. No need to avoid it.

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You WANT the jet stream… lol


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