Way the sim Kicking me out

So today I was flying 5 Min after takeoff the sim has crashed =_= it’s not the first after 20.1 the sim crashing just when I Get in the sim (not all the time some dyas yes and some no like flying 5 times and then crash 2 Tims)
pls help me


By saying that it “kicked” you out, what do you mean? Did the app crash? Did you lose the live server connection?

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Please don’t instruct users to uninstall before it is clear that an uninstall is needed.


I would restart your device to see if that works. That’s what usually works for when my Infinite Flight app crashes.

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So everything is ok now? You are questioning what happened before?

It is hard to tell what happened before. If the app quits on you it usually means resources are exhausted. Lowering your graphics setting will help. I device reboot every so often will go a long way in solving issues.

We really don’t have a clear understanding of what the issue is, what device you are on, what you were doing that led up to it, etc.

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No the problem started before Week and today the sim crashed after take off my graphics at that time was


Device: Huawei Y7 Primer 3gb ram

Sorry for the bad Explain


Yes crashing

I’m really sorry for the bad Explain

I would give your device a good reboot before your flight. This is a reboot, not just restart the app. Turn your device off for 60 seconds and then turn it back on.

Limit other background apps during your flight. Make sure Instagram, facebook, any 3rd party apps are not running and then try your flight.

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Ok thank you, I well try these solutions!

Sorry for Inconvenience

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Yay the problem has solved
Thanks guys!