Way points on approach map

I was doing approach at KSAN last night and there where no way points on the map. They would show up if someone had a flight plan, but would only say the way points they selected. Aircraft with no flight plan there where no way points to be seen. I don’t know if this is a bug or if my connection didn’t bring all the data in. Anyone else had this problem?

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Then why have the way points been there in the past?

Also if there are no way points how do you know if you are directing them on a actual approach path. Every time I control I check the approach maps to make sure I’m accurate and as realistic as possible.

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Must have been a connection issue the waypoints are back.

It depends on the background, over water they are easy to see, but not on land.
I have brought this up before, the waypoints need to be more visible so I can better assign altitudes, speed and heading as per the IFR plates.
Right now I need to locate the waypoints on the map first, fly the route and take screenshots before taking on ATC approach. I need at least a couple hours preparation before taking on a new airport. Wouldn’t need that prep time if I could just see the waypoints.


Yea it Definetly takes some prep time to accurately do it.

Lol right on

Does “Trolling” comes under violation rules😒😒

“trolling” in an ATC context? A definition pls.

@Maxmustang Keep asking you to tune into frequency even tho you already tuned into another tower/ground!!! Or keep telling you to do things zillion times, atc is like orchestra, there is time and place to play a note.

Thank you for the rapid response. I fully understand the context now. I’m a Playground Flyer and I fully understand your frustration since I live with it to.
I have been champing giving a small stick to Playground ATC’s like a “Return to Parking” and Bcast identifying the violation. I believe this option is a necessity for the Playground, particularly for the high XP Players who abuse the system or flaunt the rules. I’ve flown with you a few times, “You do good work!” Regards, Max Sends

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