Way Point’s Altitude Restrictions

Hi guys, so I wanna ask that, suppose there’s a waypoint while take off or landing near the airport & it shows altitude of 7,000 feet so does that mean that I can fly no more than 7000 feet on that WPT ? Or like I can fly more than 7,000 feet but not below that ? Basically when an altitude restriction takes place is the plane to be flown above that level, below that level or exactly at that level ?

P.S. idk where to put this topic…so putting it in general !!

In Infinite Flight it is not yet possible to differentiate between the three possibilities. The procedures in Infinite Flight simply adopt the heights at the waypoints, regardless of whether it is “at”, “at or below” or “at or above”. To find out which one it is, you will have to look at the corresponding charts about the specific procedure.


I always thought that you should be at or above that altitude because of terrain below the aircraft which is too close (altitude AGL)

But sometimes it can also be ceiling restriction too…right ?

So I need an approach plates for the airport I’m flying to ?

to be sure, the best way is to search up the real world carts for the approach


One of the good things about this situation is that once you’ve looked at the charts for the procedure(s), IF allows you to change any of the altitudes freely. If different altitude settings help make the flight path clearer, more consistent, etc you can set anything that makes sense to you.

Did that on a recent flight between islands in Hawaii.

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