Way of getting back your grade (after ghosting) by completing landing challenges

7 days is a long time for a good IF pilot to be on the training server.

So why not have a way of vetting ghosted pilots who want to get back to expert quicker.

This could be in the form of landing challenges whereby you complete a set of landings which are graded on such factors as: holding centre line, landing in close proximity with the touchdown zone, smoothness of touchdown etc.

For every landing where you score highly in each criteria, you get one day knocked off the time until you get your grade back. And as you get closer to zero, the airports you have to land at get more challenging.

This would surely be a good way of separating the trouble makers who are poor pilots, with the good pilots who simply made a simple unintentional mistake and got reported.

If you are getting ghosted that doesn’t mean you can be a good pilot. 7 days is the time you are going to use to learn what you did wrong and learn from it. Then you will be a better pilot.


Won’t be added, sorry. Too much work to add, plus ghostings are designed to allow you time to learn more so than they are a punishment.