Wavy lines on the ground

Hello. I’ve been having an issue recently on both of my devices (iPhone XS and iPad Pro 2019). There are “wavy” lines on the ground (Like every line on the ground, for example the taxiway)
Plus the graphics are set on the highest available, so I didn’t think that there would be an issue…

First of all, is anti alliasing on? If not, then you should turn it on and see if it’s the same. If it is already on, on infinite flight, it’s normal that there are some lines on the ground. But if you think it’s really too much. The best idea i can think off is to clear cache and scenery in the settings

As soon as i land at Moscow (in about 4 hours) i will definitely try this out, thanks for the reply:)

I think it got better, thanks for replying!

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