Watermarking photos

What would be the best way to watermark images quickly?

Draw a line through them, write your name on them or anything else?

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You can use a simple name watermark which can be done on most photo editors, or create a watermark yourself.

Custom watermark:


do you mean what the best place is to put them?

Don’t think he meant that.

How to watermark them like using names or other stuff.

Yeah a simple one would be through photo Editors (both on mobile and pc) which can be done very quickly. An example is Lightroom.

Yea light room recently got an update where it has one that is built in now, so if you have light room on Desktop that works quite well

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i would simply write my name on them and set the opacity to something good between seeing the image and text. i use sony vegas for text on images but mspaint/paint3d works too (or anything else that you have)

I’m interested in getting into spotting but have no idea where to start except what airport to go to. Any suggestions?

@TwoEyes I always use Satellite imagery (like Google Earth) to scout out spotting locations. Parking garages are perfect spots!

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Being a LFC supporter that’s a brutal yet fantastic livery. lol

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love the man united livery

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