Water Salute Pilot Retiring

Pilots last flight
From Dublin Flight #133
I have video but infinite flight won’t let me upload it


Nice, that’s really special! Is that EIDW and were you on the flight?

This needs to be in Real World Aviation though you are a basic user (Congrats on still being active since 2015 as a basic user!) so you can’t put it in there. For now, hopefully a mod will put it where it belongs, or else it will be closed.

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No I was not on this flight I work as a fleet service agent for American Airlines and that plane came to my gate here at DFW airport

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Nice shot,
But put this in Spotting.

lol can y’all make up your mind either spotting or real world aviation

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It’s two different people, so you can’t say “Can y’all make up your mind”
I never disagreed with him lol.

You got my point

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U can upload as a gif, or yt vid if u want in Screenshots and Videos

Also, besides devs it appears ur the longest still active user on ifc that I’ve ever encountered, congrats to beating my personal record lol

I would upload the video then they going to say it don’t belong there

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I upload my YouTube vids in Screenshots and Videos , no one has taken them down lol

As I’m rereading this I’m realizing I’m wrong, the screenshots and video category is meant for IF vids and pics only, if u wanna upload the video if reccomend making it a gif here