Water rework

I think IF should go back to their roots and ad the old water textures.


This would make the game sooo much more realistic. The old water textures also look better, and it would go well with the new HD map.

Well as long as there is an option to disable them then I’ll consider voting.

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Duplicate brudda… Re-Add Old Water Textures


Hey there 👋

There is already an existing feature request about this. Vote here!

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That is an old topic.

It’s still open though. You can revive it if you’d like by commenting in the thread.

The last reply was sent in May 13th and the feature request for that was created on September '18

Just flag it, and let the moderators decide.

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The “older” one has more votes. Would be sad to remove them. The other topic has more details than this one.

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