Water not showing on map.

When i was on approach into heathrow it suddenly occurred to me that i couldn’t see the river themes. As you can see from the picture provided you can see the iconic curves of the river however it’s a merky brown color rather than blue. is this normal or do i have a map issue?

From the satellite it doesn‘t look as blue as the ocean. Not every river has clear blue water… But to answer your question, I don‘t think this is a map issue.

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It’s not like the sea, the Thames is very dark in real life so it’s kind of a dark blur with the satellite imagery, especially at your alt.


It’s totally normal. The water is that colour (or at least seen from a satellite) if you look, the closer you get to the sea the more the water gets blue until you actually get to the sea. That’s how the water is in real life
image image

Also the fact the sun is pretty low because it’s winter (and or evening) means that everything seems a bit darker and orangy…when I took those screenshots I changed the time to 1pm and in summer.