Water landing

So I couldn’t find this anywhere but please tell me if I’m wrong but I think it would be neat to have the ability to ditch your aircraft in water at the right speed. Why I think this well with Infinite Passengers new update your engines cutout and if you try and land on the water without glitching it then it simply crashes. But let me know what you think. 😁


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Well if this was implemented u would see a swarm of pilots ditching themselves into the water and it could change the view of IF but I guess it would be cool to see the effects etc


If LAX on TS1 wasn’t already bad enough…


I’m interested to see this, but the Casual server will be… Oh you know


I dint think this would be a good idea just imagine TS1.


True it would have to be maybe only on solo and Expert under strict rules

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So quite the contrary to what you have stated, it’s still entirely possible to land your aircraft on water without your gear extended. It’s just a matter of knowing how to control the plane, and also being skilled enough to do so 😋

And also Infinite Passengers is not supported by Infinite Flight anymore, so they wouldn’t implement it for that purpose either 🙂

Practice my friend, if I can do it then I’m sure you can too!


Just curious, it’s not supported by IF anymore? I know the dev really screwed us on his new version after we paid for the original and then refused to do right by us. I was hoping IF would stop allowing him to advertise the app on the forum and heard they were but any confirmation?

It is already possible to land in the water without the gear. It takes some practice, but it is possible already.

Ok then a mod can close this then 🤩😀😀😀 thanks guys👋

You already can do this, ish, but to do this we would need some big thing over all water and most of earth is water, and because we have global we can fly everywhere, which would lag everything, just like 3D buildings would.

We’ll see a lot of A320 Floatplanes if this was implemented!!

I want more people safe at their destination not in the middle of the ocean

I hope this is a feature requested for the training / casual server … or better, the solo 🤦

I would like to see this inplemented though

Not for me tbh. As people have said above there would be a ton of people crashing on purpose. On the other hand if they introduced float planes that would be cool.

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Maybe just for solo definitely don’t want to do that on TS and expert or casual ( they kinda already do on casual though ) 😂

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I a lot of people will be doing this.

I don’t see why IF can’t add realistic water. They don’t even need new planes tat are amphibious, just make some floats that work with the new reworked C-172, X Cub and 208 Caravan. That would be such an awesome feature!!

The Hudson will turn into a landing strip if this happened.

To solve the problems of water landings, let’s say that you get violations if you land on water for no reason (the game detects the aircraft’s fuel level, how close it is to stall speed, and whether the landing will be justified based on it’s current altitude.)

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