Water hills

Spotted a strange issue on IF for iOS. Running latest version of iOS and IF on iPad Air 2.

I have spotted this in a number of places. Last I looked, water doesn’t tend to take those types of shapes, unless in a terrible storm, in the middle of the ocean. :)


Well, maybe there was a tsunami.


Where is this? Region? Does it happen in both solo and live? What was the wind?

I don’t think wind has anything to do with it.

These are in almost every region with water. Most likely where the land has accidently been raised with water shaders on.


I just saw it again near LHR. All flying solo. I unfortunately don’t fly on the live side.

It doesn’t change anything if you fly on live or solo

I think

It does, winds push the water. (In IF)

I don’t tend to have wind set to anything since my son does a lot of flying on my iPad too.

You’re kidding right?


My sarcasm meter levels out at 9%.
He means the water effects (waves) when you have water graphics on high move to the opposite direction of the winds. But the actual body of water doesn’t.

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This wouldn’t have any impact on the elevation of the land.

All the terrain for water would be flattend out and then shaded to appear as water, most likely this part was mistakenly elevated as opposed to being flat.

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Take off from LHR Runway 27L. At the halfway point, turn to heading of 230. You should see the lakes there. Stay at low altitude to see the effects better.

As already stated. I have all the weather set to no wind.

Graphics and all, I have set to the highest possible settings. Enjoy the hills.


Try it at KNUC, near the end of 24

But the water doesn’t Goes up and down

I know but it stays there. That’s what the OP says

am sure I have seen it to the south of LHR both live and solo…will have to check laetr on. You can see if if at Terminal 4 or at any of the cargo ramps at LHR

They are in every region with water.

Wind does not make water go up 15 feet into terrain.

What are you talking about Dush? The wind doesn’t affect the water elevation in any way. ;)

Something similar near EGLC