[Water ditched] I need YOUR help (Once again)

I give up doin it in the hawg 😂 Time to bring out the Raptor

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Had a hard time trying to catch up 😂

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Ya think 😂 4th time’s the charm as they say 😜

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Well hopefully someone refuels me within the next 14hrs. Cause this topic is strangely dead

The Yanks aren’t up yet


Aight mate, Imma pull off. Seeya later maybe :)

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Thanks mate!

Had to delay it, C-17 flew over lol. Now I’m going

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I shall be near there.

If you post the original message here

It would be great as this clogs up the forum and the topic above is the Official Refuelling Request Thread. Or you can post the topic here and there :)

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I’m interested in doing refueling services, just pm me if you need help!

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The liveflight link doesn’t work. Where are you now?

Doesn’t really clog up the forum because a new post/reply would be made either way - I think a request like this might go unnoticed in a large thread like that. It’s honestly okay to have a new post here and there every so often.

@Panther good luck :)


This sounds fun.

I just took off from UHPP. Callsign Air Force 777 Heavy. I’ll PM you for more details.

What kind of casket would you like?

C130 can’t be refueled anymore

I’m guessing you were AFK. I lined up with you and let you catch up slowly to see if you’d take the controls but no luck.Here’s a cool shot of me nearly getting killed by you. It’s casual server so no harm no foul. Good luck making it all the way around the world!

Well, I’ve got about 2.5hrs of fuel left! Hopefully someone can save me!
Just remember that I won’t be at the controls!

Well, where are you located?