[Water ditched] I need YOUR help (Once again)

Hey everyone, I’m once again planning to do a long flight in the C130J!
You might remember me doing this last year, which ended anticlimactically. I’m hoping to successfully circumnavigate the Earth and make it back home.
Flight time will be approx. 60hrs! See you in the skies!

Reason behind this year's flight

My live subscription will be ending on the 15th at 0700Z and I won’t be on a yearly subscription anymore. I’ll still be around but for some months I won’t renew my sub.

What you need to do
  • Refuel my plane when I need it, I won’t be at controls
  • Check the updates below
  • Take photos
LiveFlight link

LiveFlight | Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight


Server: Causal
Aircraft: C130J
Speed: 260kts
Altitude: 22,000ft

UPDATES: Water ditched… read my reply below for more details


I hope you know the c-130 can literally fly for a long, long time the fuel consumption ratio to the burn rate is ridiculous ,so where ever you’re going you probably are going to make it. What was a 5 hour flight once I turned into a 3 hour flight of speed and I still had a lot of fuel left.

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Well I plan on flying for about 60hrs so, I’ll still need refueling !

60 hours straight?!

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I’ve done it before:

Good luck! I think you can only refuel 3 times a session so you may have to stop over somewhere.


Taking off shortly! Will depart from runway 15, left turn to 360°, after about 3 hours, a right turn to 270°

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Good Luck! I might come escort you for a little bit :)

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I give up doin it in the hawg 😂 Time to bring out the Raptor

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Had a hard time trying to catch up 😂

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Ya think 😂 4th time’s the charm as they say 😜

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Well hopefully someone refuels me within the next 14hrs. Cause this topic is strangely dead

The Yanks aren’t up yet


Aight mate, Imma pull off. Seeya later maybe :)

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Thanks mate!

Had to delay it, C-17 flew over lol. Now I’m going

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I shall be near there.

If you post the original message here

It would be great as this clogs up the forum and the topic above is the Official Refuelling Request Thread. Or you can post the topic here and there :)

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I’m interested in doing refueling services, just pm me if you need help!

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