Water cannon salute for a new MAX!

Hi guys,

Yesterday was a really special day for Wellington airport and that normally means it’s an important day for the spotters to get out with the camera. Yesterday, Fiji Airways was flying their first ever Boeing 737 MAX 8 to Wellington (it got a water cannon salute) and it was due to arrive at noon! However, in the morning, the weather was looking really bad but luckily, it seemed to clear up just as the MAX was due. I got to meet up with some of the other welly spotters, and we had one other special plane which you’ll see after the MAX. Hope you enjoy the pics!

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We were lucky to get a water cannon salute for the arriving Fiji 737 MAX and it was quite the site to see from the tall carpark we were standing on top of!


As the MAX taxied after it’s landing on runway 16, the excitement grew for the water cannon salute! Though all the spotters gathered to get a taxi shot as FJ461 slowly taxied to its grand water welcoming. It taxied so slow, some of us thought the pilots were slowing down for us to get some nice shots xD.


The image below shows the Aircraft taxiing to its gate and all the firetrucks and Aviation security vehicles parking up after the salute.


And finally, gate 28 was occupied by FJ461, operated by Fiji Airways’ brand new 737 MAX 8!


The 2nd special of the day: A royal NZ Air Force 757!

A lucky beacon shot as the 757 taxied to the Western apron after landing on 16!

A pretty cool close up shot with the 737 MAX in the background.



Hope you enjoyed these shots, let me know what you think of them!


The pictures looks wonderful. Love the Advanced Technology Winglets (Thanks to @anon7075715 for pointing it out and for @KPIT to have mentioned what they really are) on the 737. It’s great to see Fiji Airways receiving the MAX :)

Besides Fiji, the Air Force B757 looked pretty cool too. You took some really good shots there 😃


Nice work mate!

I love the FIJI Airways livery on the MAX! It suits it so nicely.

Great photos mate! :)


Thanks so much! It was awesome to see!

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I love your pictures so much, they’re so crisp. Nice catch! :)


The livery does look great! Glad you liked the pictures!

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Thanks Ethan! I’m glad you liked them!

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Do you know where the NZAF aircraft was going to? Many of them do resupply trips to Antarctica.

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I know sometimes they do, but yesterday they were flying all over the country shuttling troops. They come to welly 3 times!

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Love those shots mate! Fiji Airways Livery is the hottest 737 Max livery in my opinion. I just wish they eventually come to YBSU 😪

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I know, there livery is lovely! If they do come, I expect some awesome shots 😉

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Just going to link back to one of @KPIT’s posts. (Thanks @KPIT)

Marvelous photos @TheCoolPilot, I hope to see more of your talent in the future.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,


Well you learn something new everyday, but I rather call them Split Scimitars than some Advanced Tech thingy… Either way thanks for clarifying that they aren’t scimitars, had no clue they were some high tech stuff attached to the wings.

Mechanics isn’t my strong side when it comes to newer planes 😜

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They help reduce drag and increase fuel efficiency. (Not entirely sure on the fuel part, but I know they decrease drag).

Plus, you can simply call them A.T. winglets rather than writing out Advanced Technology, but hey, to each his own.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,

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It’s no problem really, I thought the winglets were the difference too till another community member told me, so might as well pass it on!


Thanks mate! We’ve got a really exciting plane scheduled for Monday so expect some pics of that (;


Really nice shots!

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Thanks man!

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