Water cannon salute and more! EWR-DEN-EWR

This weekend I flew from Newark to Denver and back

Along the way I took some pictures which I am showing you all today

First: After descending through some “freezing fog” we popped out of the clouds at around 400ft AGL. In the distance you can see a parallel landing doing the same thing!

A 2 day stop in Colorado allowed me to get up Pikes peak and take a look at the view from 14,000 ft

I started my journey home at 6 in the morning. The taxi out to the runway was very bumpy but pretty as the sun was coming up

As we approached Newark I got a great view of Teterboro Airport

Then Metlife Stadium appeared

New York City looking pretty

As we landed we passed an El Al 787

Then a Porter Dash 8 doing a one engine taxi

Then I see this: A United 787 getting a water cannon salute.

It was the inaugural flight for the 787 from Dublin to Newark!

That wraps up a fun weekend flying! Thank you for looking at my pictures. Sorry they aren’t the best. I used a Pixel 2 on a moving plane. I do want to leave you guys with one question to answer:

Have you ever been on a plane getting a water cannon salute, or saw one or maybe even given a plane a water cannon salute?


Very cool Pictures!

I have never been on a plane that has had a water salute nor saw one!


Nice Pictures!
No…Never seen a water cannon salute.

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Wow! That’s quite funny actually. Found you!

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That’s a 787-10 as well. Maybe a retirement flight other than that-I’ll see if I can dig up if they had an inaugural route.

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Here is an article about the flight

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The Giants & Jets were playing each other as your passed MetLife Stadium 😂

Very nice pictures 👍


Oh yeah, those are some amazing photos in some detailed areas quality topic.


You went up to Pikes Peak? My family tried to drive up there in August 2018 but didn’t make it all the way up because my dad got scared lmaooo

I have seen a water salute, yes. For the inaugural Air France service to DFW back in March. I have never been on an aircraft receiving one.

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Great pictures. It’s crazy how far away people park for a football game 😂

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Yeah cool pictures 👍

That is also one big car park!


I did. We made it up to the top. On the way back down 5 cars in front of us were burning their brakes. Quite cool to be higher on land then I’ve flown in flight school.


Glad you guys like the pictures 😁

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I remember seeing the water salute for the inaugural Qantas flight at DFW in 2012 and the inaugural Qatar in 2014.


No offense but was it hard for you sea level bois to breath at our 14,000’ elevations?
Cool picture though.

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I made it to 12,000 and can say it was not hard.

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That’s good. Its usually stereotyped that people at sea level always buy those little oxygen bottles they sell at the gift shop or the base of the mountain


That’s cool!

I literally have a video of the same approach into Newark. We went over the stadium, saw the Statue of Liberty, and the city is massive!

Only difference was that we had crazy winds and people were screaming on the way down. We got an applause upon landing rather than a water solute :)

I could upload the video and send a link to it if you want to see it XD


It wasn’t bad for me. My brother really suffered with altitude. I couldn’t run for long or anything but I felt fine walking and standing.

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That seems like a cool video! I remember descending into Philly during hurricane Irma. That was a fun rollercoaster.