Do you ever get off the watchlist for IFVARB

Only one way to find out…

All jokes aside, no, I don’t think you do.

Couldn’t tell you, but it probably depends on what you did to get on it.

What is your name on the IFVARB Blacklist?

I don’t think you ever get off of it even if it’s small and you are on there for the following reason: Use Of coarse language and trolling. I checked your name on the website.

Yup: you are down there as permanently banned from IFVARB due to inappropriate reasons - which unfortunately means you will never be able to be part of a VA again.

I’m only in there for watchlist not blacklist

Either list is not good


The watchlist you can bounce back get a d get your stuff together

Yeah I wouldnt be too sure that you get a “bounce back”. IFVARB takes everything seriously so that the members of this community can enjoy VA’s

I don’t know Dan

Now I realize there’s no excuse for my past actions and hard to move on IFVARB give me a chance and I have e to prove to them I’m capable of running my own airline but it takes time I don’t want to keep throwing this game away because I don’t want to say it’s my fault everything that happened to me is my fault I bet I would have still been a part of AAV if I wasn’t so stupid but I’m learning that need to grow up


@TY_PLAY I am not sure because you still show up on it: (date has gone past) I will ask a VARB admin


@Ondrejj I’m sure it’s no need I have to earn my way off the watchlist

This can be resolved via PM.