Watching the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flyover Baltimore/Washington International Airport

On May 2, 2020, the United States Blue Angels and Thunderbirds flew over the states of Maryland, District of Colombia, and Georgia saluting the major hospitals that serve those regions. With this, I had the opportunity to view these magnificent birds fly over my local airport, BWI Airport. I attached some eerie pictures of parked aircraft at BWI, then the video of the birds flying over the airport. Enjoy!

And here is the video:

I wore appropriate clothing and maintained social distancing throughout the event.

I would like to thank all Heath Care workers and other essential workers whom have (or are) working throughout these crazy times.


Must admit seeing a bunch of righter jets through the sky is always phenomenal.

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I can’t believe how many people were there

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Think we live on the wrong side of the airport. We didn’t see them from our house

Me too! Many failed to maintain social distancing too, which was extremely disappointing.

I got to see the blue angles and thunderbirds from too. I thought I’d share my pictures.


Nice Video! And Pictures!

I hope they come to Buffalo and flyover at my hometown!

Out of likes btw!

Haha I was in the daily garage to watch them fly over! I saw all you guys down at the hourly garage!

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I don’t think so because the Blue Angels and Thunderbirds are going down the east coast and already covered NY earlier in the week.

Can’t wait for Austin

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