Watching Mode

It would be awesome If there was a mode where we get into the airport we want we can see all the planes and we can see by taping on a plane all the normal views (captain-window…) but sure we can’t control anything. Its like in video games after we die and watch other players.


You can vote for this if there is already an existing feature request.

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Blue skies!

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Spectating users and Airport webcams are two different things. Of course they could be combined, but the feature request of Airport Webcam is not the same as @Capt_Mazen is requesting.

However, indeed this should be placed in features request.


@ChrisToxz is correct here. @Capt_Mazen is asking for a completely different feature than the first feature request you provided. Mazen is referring to where you click the profile of the users aircraft, than it pops up the camera views you’d get from normally flying, but in the other users aircraft. (Hopefully I am interpreting this request correctly)

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Positive ;)

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Ok, I have edited my post. Sorry about the confusion @Niccckk and @Capt_Mazen.

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Its okay :)

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