Watching an Embraer E175 Replay

Hello guys…
Am I allowed to watch my previous Embraer ERJ 175 flights without an active subscription? I’m trying to watch one but got stuck on the loading screen. However I used to watch B777 (all variants) and A330 flights normally without an active subscription…

you can watch the replay only if the departure airport is in a restricted area. Аs far as I remember it does not depend on the aircraft

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Not necessarily. I can watch all my previous flights which are all outside the restricted areas but particularly those with Embraer don’t open…

No, that’s not how it works. When I didn’t have a subscription, I was able to watch any replay I wanted.

@Crown.plane I typically have longer loading times with the E175 for replays, and I have pro. I just let it do its thing and eventually it loads.


It took ages but no avail

That’s weird. It typically loads for me after about 5 minutes.


5 minutes to load? took seconds with 777 and 330

Yeah, 5 minutes for the E175 but super quick with most of the others.


It’s good to know… Will Check that again and see… Thanks a lot

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Hi… I waited for more than 5 minutes but unfortunately the replay file didn’t open… The background ATC sound can be heard but the screen stuck to the loading one. I deleted the app and reinstalled it again but no improvements… This thing only happens with E175 replay files. Others are perfectly working…

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I’d suggest just making a #support topic by now. I don’t what to do to fix that. 😂

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Could you send your replay via Also, I would suggest changing this into a #support topic

What is the point of sending the replay? The replay won’t open. It’s not the type of problem that sending a replay would help with.

Just to gather more information - I want to see what happens if I try opening the replay on my device

I agree, it doesn’t guarantee anything, but it is possible that it can provide more information.

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