Watch where you're pushing back

At Toronto Pearson (CYYZ) today a Sunwing pushes back into a WestJet. The WestJet was evacuated. (pushing back into other aircraft happens way too much in IF and needs to stop)


This was the ramps fault (in my oppinion)

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At least we have the ability to look around us. Not being able to see an aircraft behind us isn’t a valid excuse.

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but tower and ground staff should have also been monitoring!!

Hoo boy.

Good news isn’t no one was seriously hurt.

True, that isn’t just the sunwings but you have to remember they have the guy at the pushback cart and normally one or two guys directing the pushback too, no excuse from anybody there. They should be paying for the WestJet evacuation.

When it’s freezing and you have to evacuate using the slides

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Although I fully agree, the ground staff (being the controllers) aren’t responsible for what happens on the tarmac. In this case, it should be the ramps responsibility to monitor the aircrafts on the tarmac until given instruction to contact the controllers. (In most airports) ramps have their own frequencies. But wow, this happened in Canada too! I am quite shocked.

The footage looks pretty terrifying, we can hear clearly that passengers started to panic when they saw the flames on the back of Sunwing’s plane. Fortunately everyone were okay, even though there are some reports that one of the passengers were injured. The flight was carrying 168 passengers on board as WS2425 from Cancun

Back injury if I’m not mistaken

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At airports as large as CYYZ, there are ramp controllers, which are stationed at different parts of the airport and control a certain area for pushback and start. Then they’re handed off to ground for taxi instructions to the runway :)

The fire looked horrible! Reminds me of the Jetstar/Virgin pushback incident, but it wasn’t nearly as bad. So lucky everyone is safe. It seems there has been a rise in pushback collisions recently!

As you can see on the first picture, you can see the burn near Sunwing’s APU Exhaust area. Fortunately the fire could be handled by the firefighters so the fire didn’t cause a hull loss to both Sunwing and WestJet frames. The second photo shows the aftermath of WestJet’s evacuation with evacuation slides can be seen alongside opened emergency doors

All Photos credits to Tom Podolec


These aircraft are not at fault. Anyone who says they are, are wrong. It was clearly the ramps fault because they are the ones who actually conduct it and see what’s happening.

Glad I wasn’t there!

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I just read the whole thing, I love it when the news doesn’t even know aviation, here is a quote from that site “Due to the position of the aircraft on the laneway”
Anyone seen the YouTube videos of the news aviation fails? Ha


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