Watch where are you taxing to

While waiting for my departure , something happen on the ground 🤣


Hahaha nice one. At least they turned around instead of just going though it. What airport was that btw?


Looks like Nice airport

Why is there a fence there? What’s that taxiway that the Air France is taxiing on suppose to be irl? If it’s truly a taxiway, there isn’t suppose to be a fence irl

Well at least he didn’t taxi through the fence… At first, I was expecting a collision.

irl that section might be under construction which would cause the airport to put up a fence. There is no centerline and the surrounding area looks quite bland so I would assume that is the case.

looking at the map you can see this is true:


Nice Airport - LFMN


You do realise that the airport editors match every detail from IRL to IF that’s why it takes months to complete an airport.

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🤣 that’s crazy

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Ha ha nice one! You Should definitely look where you are taxiing lol🤣

Oh yeah, I notice that

I never really thought about it before

That, my man, is called taxiing etiquete.

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