Watch this, Won’t take too long

1) Background to the photos

Since few of you guys liked my previous video so I decided to share another short trip report, Hope you like it.

2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route

Delta 1997 Expert Server, KSNA to MMMX around 3hrs Flight

3) Photos

here is the link from the previous


What did you use for the Passanger anouncments? But great video!! Also is that all just layover form the original video, if so that is an amazing job dude!

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amazing vid nice sounds!! very realistic

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Download from others video then input to my video lol, thanks for feedback

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Appreciate ur comment

anytime bro

I recognize that co pilot voice it sounds like pilot eyes TV from Lufthansa

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Yes that’s him, I input him to my video

That was one heack of a floater, but I really liked the video/editing…

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Very nice video. Really looks like a real flight video! Nice landing too :)

You mean KSAN? The title of the video says San Diego

@DiamondGaming4 though you might find this funny… 😂

(@Airbus_737 it’s nothing you did, just me and him had this same discussion for a few days, but I was getting so confused from my dyslexia… 😂)


Yeah I messed up, thanks for correction

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