Watch replays while in flight mode

Is there any way to watch replays while the phone or tablet is in flight mode? Tried earlier today, but IF wouldn’t load.

If you load iF & then put the tab or mobile in flight mode, would it work?


Airplane/flight mode turns off cellular data usage, WiFi, and Bluetooth until you enable WiFi, and you cannot use IF without an internet connection. Unless you are using WiFi with airplane mode, Infinite Flight will not load, let alone load your replays.

Technically, if you’ve already launched Infinite Flight you would be able to use it, but it would be a pain, as even some resources that are already downloaded would not be usable, as the game wouldn’t be able to check their relevance. That’s not even considering that you won’t be able to fly - most fun you’ll have is changing settings, and even those can require an internet connection. So the only time airplane can even remotely not make IF unusable is if you’re already in a flight and flying over previously cached areas.

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Will check if replays work this way…

If I remember correctly from an earlier experience, I could fly patterns because the scenery might have been cached.

But I’d love to learn about the experience of others & also what the mods or developers have to say.