Watch out on Playground

Watch out at EGBB approach he has no clue what he is doing. He told me to check help pages because I didn’t descent 45nm out!! So beware

What height were you at out of curiosity?

12000ft (fill)

So did you request descent and he said no or did he want you to descend and you didn’t want to?

Always listen to the controller even if it seems like he’s making stupid vectors.


That’s not very far off from when you really should decend so I don’t really think he’s being an idiot. How fast where you going? That may have been why he told you to decend 10 miles early


Solution go to advance server?


The Xp has been put up for FNF

O Yes I know I have just 45000 XP😢

But it is better because then there are more serieus players

XP is a horrible gauge of ones capability as a pilot in IF. All it shows is you fly a lot that’s it.


Maybe they most take landings or violets

I was going at 240kts & he also told me to turn to 300 when I was landing on runway 33 at Birmingham & he told me to contact him when I took off from Gatwick a lot of times & told me “please follow instructions” 10 times

Guys we know the playground has some bad and some good controllers these posts are not necessary!


Well 300 for runway 33 ILS intercept would be correct as well. I’m really not understanding your beef with this controller

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So what he’s learning!!! Don’t you have shame posting that, he’s learning, if you wanna do that why don’t you say that about the whole ATC playground server becouse they are learning as well!!! Shame on you @Belfast_spotter


@The_Atwood_Family he really didn’t do anything wrong that I can see from what I’m being told so this is a great teaching moment for @Belfast_spotter to understand why a controller does what they do. Also the contact right out of gatwick is understandable you had a flight plan leading to Birmingham from Gatwick they aren’t to far apart as I recall so he wanted you to contact early for proper vectoring nothing wrong with that. And I would of told you to follow instructions several times as well. He didn’t do anything wrong.


No but he to turn this when I was lined up on the runway @Brandon_Sandstrom but this could be closed now

@The_Atwood_Family agreed!

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I’m sorry Roman but its just annoying but I only go on there because it has more active atc.