Watch "Infinite Flight Are Stepping Up Their Game in 2021 - Terminal Update/Clouds Update/Project Metal" on

Such exciting times ahead for everyone connected to Infinite Flight. Credit goes to @aviation18 for posting on YouTube.

Can’t believe the old HUD interface look so clunky back in 2013, and I believe changed for a better realistic one today after 19.4 update but for those who have been here since 2013, that’s nostalgia!


Wow such a bug YouTuber taking about IF

  1. FRIDAY NIGHT FLIGHT not Fun Night Friday (This bugged me so much)

  2. The video is a little misleading. The aircraft livery WIPs shown were in whatever software the livery artists use and obviously the rendering was cranked up to the max and won’t look like that in the sim (though will still look STUNNING). Those WIPs have nothing to do with Project Metal, at least for as much as the team has told us. Also I don’t think that contrails are a confirmed thing yet or even something that we know is being worked on. As per the comment about clouds, I do believe that team said that there will be multiple layers of clouds, but they’re not 3D volumetric clouds and will only be 1 type of cloud for now. As per the comments of partially auto-generated buildings, I don’t remember hearing about that and may have missed it in the FAQ post or elsewhere.


Lmao love that


Wow you all must be an OG if you were like me and you have seen and played with that old 2013 hud
That’s a great vid btw


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