Watch FlightCast Live in Atlanta (In case you missed it)!

Thanks, to everyone who tuned in to our live broadcast here in Atlanta, Georgia with Infinite Flight Staff! In case you missed it, here is the link to the video on our YouTube channel. I want to say thank-you to these awesome people: @Laura @philippe @Tyler_Shelton @Mark_Denton @Stephen_Wilson @Cameron @MishaCamp @ValXp @GHamsz @Chris_S @Levet @JoshFly8 @Sam_Keast

Infinite Flight Staff & Mods Live in Atlanta - YouTube


Thank you so much for the awesome livestream


I was watching it. The live chat was mad with requests for gear tilt


Great live stream! For anyone who hasn’t watched it, I highly recommend it. It is highly informative on global.

It was awesome, nice to hear everything about global!

Definitely worth a re-watch sometime ;)


I watched it, and it was honestly the best so far. I loved how informative it is, how we got a lot of our questions answered, and we are now one giant step closer to Global. Thank you!!

Great podcast, watched most of it live, then had to catch up the last 15 mins ( dog needed walking…)

Loved watching Trapper being involved…a future Offical Podcast Dog?

Happy landings all!

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We just finished recording the cafe captain content podcast. Good times…


I’m very happy for Global, but even more so for these new F9 liveries 😍. I’ve always held that Frontier has never been properly represented and now they are a huge leap closer!


Was just about to mention you about this amazing news for frontier VA until I saw your post xD.

Anyway, this is now my favourite flightcast recording. Thank you so much!

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How do. You get it on iTunes Store

Haha yep. Thanks for the heads up all the same.

This question was answered in the podcast (I think), but it should be approved by Apple soon.

Am I correct saying that the Singapore region is being removed? And why is this happening?

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I think it is because it’s the only region that would include 500 x 500 m scenery, so it apparently wasn’t worth it anymore…

I loved the global preview and the new aircraft selection UI.

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@Boeing773ER as @LeonVeen is saying we do not have the high definition imagery yet so we decided to remove it so ppl are not disappointed. We will consider re-adding it once we have HD satellite imagery for it.


I definitely cannot wait until the next amazing livestream!

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