Wasting $500 to fly 2 Boeing 777s back to back ( FINAL FLIGHT )

Here is the final ( and most important ) leg of today or yesterday since I’m posting this the next day because of the only 1 topic per day rule. But anyways, we fly American Airlines Flagship Boeing 777-300ER from here in New York JFK 🗽🍎 back to Miami 🏝️😎 once again in main cabin and see which Boeing 777 is better so let’s just make our way to the gate since we’re already at the airport 😂

Flight Info

Origin: John F Kennedy Intl 🇺🇸 ( KJFK )
Destination: Miami Intl 🇺🇸 ( KMIA )
Flight Time: 2:27
Boeing 777-300ER ( American Airlines )
Server: None ( Real Life )

During my lunch at Pizza Villa 🍕I actually underestimated my layover time and when I got up I checked the time and my flight back to MIA had already BEGUN boarding great 😒 so maybe I’m not in time ever. But our gate which is gate 2 was one of those gates that don’t provide views so I had to take a picture of this B77W parked at gate 6 instead who had flown in from the 305 🏝️😎 earlier than my flight and who would soon head off to London, UK 🇬🇧☕️ while my B77W ( reg N722AN which is 10 years old ) had arrived from Delhi, India 🇮🇳 and had been sitting at JFK since 6:00am but once I got to my gate, group 9 was boarding so I was more late to this flight than my outbound but let’s just board 🥲

Made it to my seat for my ride back to the magic city 🏝️😎 34L which provides a slightly worse view of the wing than my seat from my previous flight but both of these were fully booked but don’t think I’m ungrateful, I could’ve been the poor lady in the middle seat so I’m still happy with this seat since it’s better than the middle for sure but let’s just make our way to JFKs Runway 13R for take off!

Despite being the back, those GE90s did everything EXCEPT DISAPPOINT, they were still very loud and I was finally happy to mark one iconic aviation sound off my bucket list 📋 but look at view over Jamaica Bay as we climb away from the Big Apple 🗽🍎 and head south till we hit the 305! 🏝️😎

Our peak this flight however would be FL340 which you can see us off the coast of Atlantic City and we would stay at this altitude for most of the flight before our descent into MIA.

Soon enough the crew came around for their snacks and beverage service and I got myself once again another Coke with biscoff cookies so here it is again 💀 but this time I wanted to see the views out the window instead of seeing something on the IFE and it was honestly for the better since the IFE was kind of eh, when I loaded the map for the first time it froze for like 10 minutes or something and the remote was also a challenge to put back in and the tray table was a bit broken so not the best seat but once again at least I’m not the one stuck in the middle.

Over North Carolina again, @DJW do you approve of us flying over your territory twice?

Fast forward a bit and now enjoy this beautiful sunset with this equally beautiful wing as we fly along the treasure coast on our way into South Florida 🏝️🐊🍊 by this point, a flight attendant had actually come by to tell me to pull the shade down a bit since it was hitting someone’s face so I had to find an alternative to take this. But it still looks good eh?

Reverse ops tonight awarded us with this MAGNIFICENT view over Vice City 🏝️😎 on our approach into MIAs RWY 26L

Here’s my oopsie on this leg, I forgot to take a picture of us after we landed so I had to take this picture of us already parked at the gate waiting to deplane but anyways, welcome to Miami! 🏝️😎 now to the comparison, I did enjoy the views and the crew on the B77W flight better compared to the Boeing 777-200ER but the seat despite the plane being older, the seat on the B772 was a bit better than the one on the B77W so I have to say that the B772 was slightly better but they were pretty much the exact same and I just got unlucky but once again don’t mistake any criticism for a lake of gratitude, I was super FORTUNATE to fly these 2 marvelous aircraft back to back and even domestically so in reality BOTH flights were fantastic! 😁 Now I have to mention one crew member, I asked him for a pair of wings for my AA collection as he said I was too old for them and still gave them to me anyways and when we were deplaning he told me I have the good ticket ( since Sprayground backpacks have gold tickets on them ) and just because of him this crew earns another 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ but who do YOU think did better?

  • Boeing 777-200ER
  • Boeing 777-300ER
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Here is my last view of our aircraft who had brought us in from JFK! And I forgot to mention that my B772 heading onto Paris, France 🇫🇷 after our flight and now this B77W will be heading to another Paris but this time the Paris of South America for those unaware, I’m talking about Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷 so hope these pilots and crew enjoy their trip down to BA! I didn’t check any bags so I was pretty much out of the airport in no time, glad you enjoyed me on this trip, stay tuned tomorrow for a recreation of this trip report in game and as always between now and the next time, see you in the sky! 😉👋


I don’t think “waste” was the right word to use here. I do this kind of thing all the time (but I don’t pay for it😂)

@Robertine thou art a scoundrel for choosing the 772. I shall banish thy buttocks to Victorville.
(@AvioesEJogos i stole your joke)


I agree it was worth every penny! I got to fly these 2 beasts back to back 😈

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hey, i’m closer to the shore than he is

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Do you both approve of me flying over NC?

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Nah an AA plane is good that’s friendly territory. But come any closer in a United and you’ll see the biggest MOAB in human history


i do. you are cleared to enter oneworld center

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Aw that’s sad 🥲

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You right now:


Wonderful trip report thank you!! The 777 has always been one of my favourites but I have never flown on one… hopefully that’ll change in the future.

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Thank you! it is indeed an amazing aircraft whether it’s the 200ER/LR or 300ER they are ALL equally AAmazing even though my seat wasn’t in the best shape, it’s the same on on the 200ER so if you’ve flown one you have flown the other basically ( at least on American )

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