Waste of Money

I really wish I could get my money for my subscription back. This game sucks and I think I like other games better.

Ok? There is no need to say that the game sucks


calm down, you should have taken a close interest in what the subscription offered, instead of spitting like this, having no idea what the developers are doing for your comfort.


You should’ve seen videos of infinite flight gameplay before buying

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Personally i love this game, and do not regret buying pro at all!


Perhaps next time try the non-pro version to see how you like it before you buy pro


Care to elaborate on what you’re feeling is so bad all of a sudden considering you said this 16 hours ago and have spent less than 5 minutes on any of the servers?


Imagine making a mistake that the buyer knows he/she’s at 100% fault, and then having the audacity to feel entitled and present a lack of ownership. Man, I hope we don’t depend on @CaseyWX to make future decisions affecting our society. Also, please show a wee bit more respect to the IF team and the effort they put in.


The flight is so janky and you can’t even pick a landing airport like real life. Also I wish there was a virtual joystick you could use to fly the plane because the gyroscope sucks

Not sure what you mean here. Did you expect to make the perfect landings right away without any previous experience?

It doesn’t suck. It’s a preference. If you practice more with it, you will be able to perform WAY MORE precise movements and actions than you would ever be able to with a chunky touch interface on the display. Big difference of what actually is bad and what is a user preference :) I’m sure there’s a request for that somewhere in Features that you can put your vote into, but it’s not been a very popular request in here just so you know.

You have LOADS of helpful tutorials both here:
Ground School and here;


Also here’s another thing I don’t like. You can’t really change the weather in this game. Other flight games you can but in this one you can’t. Like in Real Flight Simulator you can change the weather to snow, overcast, rain, storm, anything. I like how you can change the visibility in this game though. I’d consider redownloading it if I had a controller

Vote for this feature then. IF team is working on this.

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Games < Simulator.

That’s the difference.
You’re confusing what we’re trying to do in comparison to others.
One of our primary goals is to provide the most realistic experience in terms of flight simulator from the palm of your hand.

That means that you won’t have the app do your flight planning for you. It means that the physics, fuel consumption and general behavior of each aircraft will be as close to reality as we possibly can make it. And it means that the aircraft is carefully modeled after the real thing and won’t look like a potato from Roblox (we have some bad old apples in our fleet though, no arguments there.)

Those are examples of what we have prioritized over the years. Not snow that will 0% impact on your simulation experience. Sure you can find loads of those features with others, who are more “game” in nature… but none of those games will help you improve your aviation knowledge.

So, you decide what you feel is relevant to you. If a more game like experience is important to you - perhaps we’re not your thing right now. But if proper flight simulation from your mobile device is… stick around ;)


You should’ve probably researched a bit more about the game before making the purchase. Not sure if IF does refunds, but doesn’t hurt to ask. IF is definitely not for everyone, and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I personally enjoy the game and think it’s the best mobile flight simulator on the market. To you, you may enjoy other flight sims better such as RFS, X-Plane Mobile, etc.


you haven’t even spent 15 minutes on the servers that’s less than it takes to read a children’s book


If you hate the game, you don’t have to say so. Some of us like the game


If you don’t like this simulator than go play other games but there is no need to anounce it here.


go play RFS if IF is too confusing 😂