Washington (state) to Canada

Flight from KSEA-CYVR on expert server in the More To Love Alaska Airlines Livery.

InfiniteFlight_2019-06-29-22-21-38 InfiniteFlight_2019-06-29-22-24-17


Great pictures mate, were you at the event

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Didnt know there was one, but I saw this on a failed flight right before this one.

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Nice pics! The More to Love livery is definitely the best on the 739!

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It’s the beta version for android so if yall see a bug tell me cause I ain’t seen the full product to compare it but that’s a side point, heres the flight stats.

Definitely a butter though, the -900 is my worst flown plane in game due to the lack of flare room you have

Great pics, Alaska Air is the best! How did you get the aluminum to look chrome?

Nice pics 😄👍🏽


Max everything in graphics

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In IF? Because mine are at max and a plane that’s supposed to be chrome looks normal.

What is that ufo thing in the second to last picture?

probrably part of the plane…

In the cockpit windshield? 🛸

Camera glitching into the plane cause of its crappy controls.

IDK, that’s just the normal reflection on the American airlines, ir on the engine? If so then it’s the sun.