Washington State Flyout Series - Part One: The Seattle Flyout 16MAR24

@Butter575 Thanks

@Captain_chase1 Yeah please don’t ask me to respond. I will see the message when I see it. I’m not on this website 24/7. Your signed up

Can I switch to C9? But to Bozeman in a 737-900?

Can I take this please?

A4 Delta Honolulu B757

Changes are made

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I would like this flight please

Great choice

I’ll switch to this

Your switched

This for me please:)

Roger that

Hello! Could I get put down for gate Q4 to Wenatchee (KEAT) if you’d be willing to change it up for that?

AS2246 is the flight number.

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Sure why not

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Thanks! It’s my new 3D airport! 😊

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I cant join anymore :(

Going! Just got Expert in time!

@American367 no problem

Event bump

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