Washington National to Indianapolis in 4 Replay Screenshots

After doing a 1 hour ATC session on TS1 at KUNV, I wanted to do a flight, after dinner. I don’t know about you, but despite the release of the show being 10 years ago, my parents and I love to watch the show Psych. Yes, that one with Shawn Spencer and Burton Bruton Guster (a.k.a. Gus). The show lasts about 40-45 minutes so I wanted to do a short-ish flight. I looked at the departure schedule for DCA and found the perfect-length-flight! DCA-IND! Since we unfortunately don’t have a reworked E175 (what the flight equipment was) and an American livery on it (it was a Republic flight), I decided to use the US Airways E175. It says on the livery that the aircraft, N104HQ, is operated by Republic Airways, so I used it. I’m sure many of you know that the Infinite Flight E175 is dangerous for it’s fuel consumption, I had to be very cautious on the fuel planning. However, simBrief gave me a very good fuel measurement at 11,130 lbs. I loaded up the 67 passengers and 0 lbs of cargo (each passenger ways ~250 lbs to account for the passenger and ~55 lbs of cargo, so no extra cargo was necessary on this short hop). I took off of Runway 01 at DCA after a departure from Gate 40 in Terminal C at 8:03 PM EDT. I made a quick ascent to FL300 on the WYNGS4 departure. AFter climbing through FL250, I went downstairs to watch the show. When it was over, I went back to my room to land the plane. It had already descended to FL200. I continued on the SNKPT2 arrival for Runway 05L at IND, landed at -435 FPM (about -7.25 feet per second) just past the runway threshold at about 9:23 PM EDT. I taxied to gate B8 and my passengers departed with no issue! During editing, I noticed that I had two strobe shots! That was a cool find! I hope you enjoy these pics! I know you will @KIND9624

Estimated Flight Time: 1hr 27mn
Actual Flight Time: 1hr 19mn
Estimated Block Time: 1hr 55mn
Actual Block Time: 1hr 35mn
Aircraft: Embraer E175
Livery: U.S. Airways Express
Operator: Republic Airways
Flight Aware Link: Republic 4634

Saying ‘Hi’ to a Southwest B738 on takeoff.

The Runway 01 visual takeoff in the sunset.

Crosswind final at Indianapolis.

Not-so-buttery landing on Runway 05L.


Glad you performed the correct takeoff procedure at DCA :-D

Well, the runway 1 visual takeoff is not the famous river visual. It is the southern part of the Potomac River and aircraft basically trace the Maryland side of the river until CAPVC.


So on that departure instead of the left you’d be making a right?

I don’t understand. Perhaps you could use East, West, etc.

I saw you at KDCA🙂

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good quality of the picture, I really liked it, good job.

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