Washington Dulles Spotting

Hello IFC! Last Christmas, I took a trip to Washington D.C! On my way home, what was supposed to be 3:00pm departure to Denver quickly turned into a 10:00pm departure. Though this delay sucked, I was able to get some amazing spotting done! Hope you enjoy 🎄

First off is a Southwest Airlines B737-700 heading back to Chicago Midway!

Next is a United B787-9 heading off on its 13.5 hr flight down to Cape Town South Africa

United B737-900ER going to Las Vegas

Air Canada E175 off on its quick hop to Montreal

United B777-200ER making a late rotation as its starts its 14 hr journey to Tokyo Haneda

United Express CRJ7 to Burlington VT

British Airways whale starting a VERY shallow climb as its heads to London Heathrow

Brussels Airlines A330-300 about to butter after its 8 hr flight from Belgium

EgyptAir B777-300ER heading off to Cairo

United Airlines B767-300ER heading off into the sunset for its quick 7 hr journey to Zurich Switzerland

Thanks all for viewing!
Happy holidays

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🤨 Looks like a -300ER to me…

300er has 4 main doors and 4 over-wing exits
400 has 8 main doors

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We don’t have the -400 in the game… some 767-300s have 8 main doors instead of 4 overwing exits

Well that’s news to me

Nice pic of my home airport i live like in like the path of 1c and planes fly over day and night

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Wait you thought it was a -400 this whole time? Lmao