Washington approach, N1EN requesting the visual approach runway 19 at Washington National Airport

A long overdue post, but idc. @Butter575 invited me to join him on a trip down to my home city, DC. I took the Delta B752 and he took (what should be) an Alaska B738. So with that being said enjoy ig!

Mini-mods get mad if you want but I’m not saying any more than what’s in the descriptions of the photos.

Butter getting cleared for takeoff first from runway 25R @ LAX

Controller clears me shortly after from runway 24L

Quite the rocket launch at about 3500fpm until we reached FL100

Just entering Colorado @ FL250. FAA we weren’t ever this close, it’s called ✨camera angle✨

Over IAD

Spotting at gravely point! Butter’s first for arrival

Need I say more? I think I must! THE BREAD HAS BEEN BUTTERED

Now, my turn

“any landing you can walk away from is a good landing”… let’s leave it at that.

And with that, thanks for viewing. One of my fav group flying sessions, so thanks to @Butter575 for inviting me. Good day N1EN!
(oh what’s that, what server were we in? GUESS!)


Next time invite me 😜

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I should clarify, most of the time I just flash mob other peoples routes. Deer is one to know that

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Will do capt

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I remember this. We did this like 3 months ago

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Yeah I meant to post it a few days after the flight, but I got busy lol

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It’s the overpowered 757.

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super car of the skies